Friday, January 16, 2009

American Idol audition caught on tape!

Margaret and I have been walking together at the sports center. 2 miles four times a week. We are on week 2. After our walk on Wednesday, we went to McAlister's for a healthy dinner treat. When we were leaving said restaurant, I for some reason had Addicted to Love in my head and started belting it on out.......badly. Margaret says "Dude, you should totally try out for American Idol!" I said, "Yeah, and it would go a little somethin' like this..." Once again, I started singing badly and strangely, you know, being the typical dumbass that I am.

We got back to her house and I got in my car to leave. I checked my phone and saw I had 2 missed calls. They were from the assistant director at the library. First thought, "My phone has accidentally called her again." Second thought, "Oh Shit." My phone called her over the xmas break and she had a long message of me talking to someone. Not good. I wasn't sure if I had once again left a message, but just shrugged it off and figured I'd ask her on Thursday.

I get to work Thursday morning and the director says "Ok, I have to make fun of Jesslyn again." I said "Crap, what did I do now?" She said "W. called me laughing and said she had a message from you. She tried to call you back before listening to the message, but you didn't answer so she listened to the message. She said you were just singing along with the radio...."
Grrrrrreeeaaaat. No, I wasn't singing along with the radio. It wasn't even on. W. comes in and I say "Hey sorry about that free concert I left on your voicemail." She laughs and says, "It's okay." I said "I don't know why my phone likes to call you. I wonder if it somehow has you on speed dial. Anyways, I wasn't singing along with the radio. I was doing a pretend try out for American Idol." She laughs again and says, "Yeah my boys really enjoyed it."


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