Monday, March 23, 2009

Top 10

Top 10 list of reasons to be happy this week:

  1. I have a new, rockin do
  2. The bosses are out........all week
  3. Spring Break means hardly any traffic in the library
  4. I'm about to have internet in my room.......FINALLY!!
  5. Internet means ITUNES!!!!!!!!! Music makes me :-)
  6. Kickball Sunday to look forward to
  7. I get paid
  8. Heroes, ANTM, Dancing with the Stars (I <3>
  9. I rock
  10. My new do makes me feel like I'm in a comic book and that is a fun feeling! (hero or villian I cannot decide)

Kickball Sunday wasn't as fun as it was last week, but it was fun none-the-less. My friend Major is freaking hilarious! He is like a teenage girl when it comes to guys. And it's always fun to have someone like that around when scoping out hot guys. haha! He is fearless, I will just put it to ya like that. We didn't get to kickball until like 630 because everyone was flaking out on us and it's more fun to go with a group. But we ended up with a good group so it was pretty fun. The novice games are the fun games. We went to the other side with the serious teams and man it was boring! The other teams wear costumes and run bases with beers in hand. It's GREAT! I think every cool person should check out kickball Sunday at Interstate Park. Just don't forget your beers and snacks. I prefer PBR Light, fruit, and white cheddar cheetos.

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