Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moving forward, forward moving

Well, hello there. Have you missed me? It's been quite a while. And so much has happened....I've been on cloud 9 to the pits of hell and now reside in the floating nothingness of pergatory. I so desperately want more out of life. Do I want to be a librarian? Really? Should I try to get the F out of the states? Probably.
It seems everything is crumbling like parched leaves inside the palm of a closing fist. The earth is pissed. People are getting dumber by the second; greedier by the millisecond; more disconnected from those around them as quickly as information is technologically transmitted, waves and wires, fingertips and blinking eyes. We are becoming exhaustingly paranoid and obnoxiously narcissitic. I am so grateful I was a child pre-facebook; that I played in the woods and built forts. I feel relieved that I didn't even have the option of getting lost in the figurative webs and that I walked through plenty of spider webs. The forest around my house growing up was my refuge. There were trails to hike, tadpoles to catch, interesting trees and flowers and bugs. I feel very cynical about the way things are going and my fluxcapacitor is broken. No changing of the past. No glimpses into the future. What's done is done and I'm not sure there's enough people who can look past their own egos, admit that their life here on earth has an impact on the atmosphere that is supposed to protect them, and quit being so damn lazy and hardheaded! Noone is trying to tell u how to live. Calm it down, junior brown. It's a matter of preserving that which preserves human existence. And unlike your grandma's blackberry jam, we cannot simply store the sweetness of life in an air tight mason jar.

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