Friday, December 12, 2008

Unadulterated Purpose and Promise from the Pseudo Librarian

I should've started something like this a while ago. There are many places in my life where I feel like I am pseudo. I am a pseudo librarian and a pseudo poet, I am a pseudo photographer and a pseudo collector of something worth collecting. At least there are things about me I know are real and all those pseudo things can be worked into actual attributes. It ain't tough!

Real things:

1. I am a lover, but a fighter when I need to be.
2. I am a bookworm.
3. I am a forgiver.
4. I am a nut (yes, sometimes in a hut).
5. I am a thinker.
6. I care a lot, sometimes too much.
7. I cannot handle a guilty conscience, therefore, I am honest.
8. I am witty and laugh often.
9. I trust easily even though it has burned me in the past.
10. I am a realist, but dream often (both daydreams and night dreams. both of which are usually vivid, wicked, intense).

So there is a little introduction to me......the Pseudo Librarian. One day that pseudo part is going to just slip away after many hours spent studying and writing papers. I will then get a celebratory tattoo for what better way to congratulate myself of a job well done than pain and permanent colors. (I just noticed there are a lot of "P" words within this blog) Then I will travel into the real world of an official librarian. That doesn't sound exciting to you? Well, there are many hijinks and a little faux pas within the world of libraries and especially in the life of the Pseudo Librarian! 

Habitually crossing lines with an elixir of equal parts sarcasm, intelligence, and wit with the sheer, unadulterated purpose and promise to intoxicate your mind, body, and soul!

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